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Free Energy Transmission Videos

Below are some energy transmission videos from certain star systems and their associated star Masters. These videos are typically two minutes or so long, though the energy may continue to work with you after the video has ended. Simply relax and receive the energy. You may watch and receive from these videos more than once if you feel guided. :)

*New* - Arcturian Energy Blessing of Peace
A short transmission of healing energy from the Arcturian Star Masters to help align you with Peace.

Andromeda Energy Transmission
The energies of the Andromeda Galaxy and associated Star Masters is connected with very high levels of Light, Oneness, and Transcendence of separation / ego.

Alcyone (Pleiades) Energy Transmission
The energies of the Alcyone star within the Pleiadian constellation are associated with the Goddess, the Subconscious, Dreaming, and the Akashic Records.

Sirius Energy Transmission
The energies of the star system of Sirius B are associated with the Goddess and Spiritual Initiation. Sirius is considered a spiritual university for souls, and also as a parent star to Earth's solar system.

Arcturus Energy Transmission
The energies of the star Arcturus and its associated Star Masters are associated with high levels of Healing and Energy Work, Wisdom, and Angelic Frequencies.

Vega (Lyra) Energy Transmission
The energies of the star Vega within the constellation of Lyra are associated with a selfless love and compassion to others. Some say Lyra is the birthplace of humanity, and that they are our oldest ancestors. They are also associated with the perfection of human genetics.

Rigel (Orion) Energy Transmission
The energies of the star Rigel within the Orion constellation are very divine and focused on embodiment of one's spirit into physicality and actualizing diamond consciousness.


More energy transmission videos may be added at a future time. To take the process deeper you may be interested in the Attunements that I offer.

Much love and many blessings!